Sunday, August 29, 2010

Present favorite spot

Currently, my favorite place is my basement. It's got a TV, couch, pool table, bar, bathroom, and kitchen. Every once in a while we get some people over and have a little party. We use the pool table to play Jenga on. We always play for shots. We drink Hennesy, Remy, Canadian Mist, or Tequila usually. However many people play is how many shots you have to take if you lose. Somebody always gets drunk and it's never me because I don't lose.

Past favorite spot

When I was younger, one of my favorite places to go was my grandparent's farm. They had a big open field. When the family got together there, we would play baseball, volleyball, football, or just throw the frisbee around. It was also a good spot for shooting off fireworks. It was right next to the highway and we would have truckers honk their horn sometimes. But that was the past and those are memories I don't want to relive.