Sunday, August 29, 2010

Past favorite spot

When I was younger, one of my favorite places to go was my grandparent's farm. They had a big open field. When the family got together there, we would play baseball, volleyball, football, or just throw the frisbee around. It was also a good spot for shooting off fireworks. It was right next to the highway and we would have truckers honk their horn sometimes. But that was the past and those are memories I don't want to relive.

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  1. Concept:
    Both images have great potential for content.

    Both compositions are quite minimal and sparse (not a bad thing per se) and therefore border on the abstract. It's hard to form an attachment to either because they feel flat...lack a sense of atmosphere.

    The detail is not fully fleshed out and the attention to overall execution feels less than what it should be for a week long assignment. Both spaces hold so much potential based on the content of your text, but they do not deliver. With the basement drawing being your weakest and the farm drawing being the strongest...with most potential. A minimal composition is always engaging when executed thoughtfully. But, with no tonality and variation, the atmosphere feels empty, with the basement drawing feeling cramped and flat. I would suggest a little brush up on your understanding of perspective.

    Following instruction: